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Le Hocq geodata

Le Hocq (St Clement) is a seat of a first-order administrative division; located in Jersey in Europe/Jersey (GMT+1) time zone. In our database, there are 1 cities with bigger population. Note1

Administrative division(s):

Current local time in Le Hocq:

08:37 PM, Wednesday
Difference from your time zone: hours

Le Hocq on map:[1]

Le Hocq on map

Le Hocq GPS coordinates[2]

49° 10' 5.628" North, 2° 3' 42.408" West

Map corner latitude longitude
Upper-left 49.62583°, -2.76491°
Center: 49.16823°, -2.06178°
Lower-right: 48.70636°, -1.35866°
Map W x H: 102.2×102.2 km = 63.5×63.5mi


Elevation of Le Hocq is 11 m = 36 ft, and this is 0 m = 0 ft above average elevation for this country.

See also: Jersey elevation on

Geographical zone

Le Hocq is located in North temperate zone (between Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle). Distance of this North polar circle is 1934.2 km =1201.9 mi to North.
Distance of km miles from Le Hocq
North Pole 4540.1 2821.1 to North
Arctic Circle 1934.2 1201.9 to North
Tropic Cancer 2861.1 1777.8 to South
Equator 5467 3397 to South
4540.1 km
5467 km

Nearby cities:

1 places around Le Hocq: (largest is in red/bold)

Saint Helier 3.8 km =2.4 mi, 305°

Sources, notices
• [Note1] Compared only with cities in Jersey existing in our database
• [Src1] Map data: © OpenStreetMap contributors (CC-BY-SA)
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• [Src3] Geographical zone / Annual Mean Temperature by Robert A. Rohde @ Wikipedia