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Saint-Pierre geodata

Saint-Pierre is a capital of a political entity; located in Saint Pierre and Miquelon in America/Miquelon (GMT-2) time zone. With population of 6,200 people, there are 0 cities with bigger population in this country. Note1

Administrative division(s):

Current local time in Saint-Pierre:

06:31 PM, Wednesday
Difference from your time zone: hours

Saint-Pierre on map:[1]

Saint-Pierre on map

Saint-Pierre GPS coordinates[2]

46° 46' 44.904" North, 56° 10' 38.28" West

Map corner latitude longitude
Upper-left 47.2585°, -56.88043°
Center: 46.77914°, -56.1773°
Lower-right: 46.29548°, -55.47418°
Map W x H: 107.1×107.1 km = 66.5×66.5mi


Elevation of Saint-Pierre is 30 m = 98 ft, and this is 13 m = 43 ft above average elevation for this country.

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Geographical zone

Saint-Pierre is located in North temperate zone (between Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle). Distance of this North polar circle is 2199.8 km =1366.9 mi to North.
Distance of km miles from Saint-Pierre
North Pole 4805.7 2986.1 to North
Arctic Circle 2199.8 1366.9 to North
Tropic Cancer 2595.4 1612.7 to South
Equator 5201.4 3232 to South
4805.7 km
5201.4 km

Nearby cities:

1 places around Saint-Pierre: (largest is in red/bold)

Miquelon 38.6 km =24 mi, 336°

Sources, notices
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• [Src3] Geographical zone / Annual Mean Temperature by Robert A. Rohde @ Wikipedia