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List of cities in China that start with S

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This is only the list of largest 150 cities starting with letter S in ABC order. If the city you are looking for is not listed, use the search box.

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15 most populated cities are in red/bold font style:

Saga Sai’erlong Xiang Sailaitang Sajia Salaqi Samada Samdo Sanchahe Sanchakou Sanchazi Sangdang Sangke Sangke Sangmu Sangpi Sangruma Sangzi Sanhe Sanjiaocheng Sanming Sanshui Sanya Sanyuanchang Sazhubxi
Sechang Segong Seke Serh Sexiong
Shache Shading Shahecheng Shajiang Shalianbao Shaliuhe Shancheng Shang Boingor Shangcang Shanggongma Shanghai Shangjiang Shangjie Shanglaxiu Shanglian Shangliang Shangmei Shangpa Shangqiu Shangrao Shangri-La Shangwuzhuang Shangxinzhuang Shangyu Shangzhi Shanhaiguan Shanhecun Shanmen Shanting Shantou Shanwei Shanxia Shanyang Shaoguan Shaowa Shaowu Shaoxing Shaping Shashi Shatan Shawan Shazikou Shencang Shengli Shengping Shenjiamen Shenyang Shenzhen Shiguai Shihezi Shijiang Shijiaochang Shijiazhuang Shijing Shilaorencun Shilin Shilong Shima Shima Shimianzhuang Shinaihai Shiqi Shiqian Shiqiao Shiqiao Shiquanhe Shitanjing Shiwan Shixing Shiyan Shizilu Shizuishan Shouguang Shoushan Shuangcheng Shuanggang Shuangjiang Shuangjiang Shuangpengxi Shuangshu Shuangxi Shuangxi Shuangyang Shuangyashan Shuangzhu Shuiche Shuidatian Shuikou Shulan Shunyi Shuping
Sigaozhuang Simenqian Siping Sishilichengzi Sishui Sizhai
Songjiang Songjianghe Songkan Songling Songling Songyang Songyuan Sozhug
Suicheng Suifenhe Suihua Suileng Suining Suixi Suizhou Sujiatun Sujitan Sulu Sumdo Suohurima Suojin Suozhen Suzhou Suzhou